Study in Dubai

Study in Dubai

I will tell you how to go to Study in Dubai, That,s why I came to the academic city of Dubai. I’m meeting a student here. he has completed his studies recently, you will know about Study in Dubai direct from  Dubai’s Student life and Dubai universities and options for Study in Dubai and job…much more.

I’m from Sonia, Haryana, India. Students tell us when did you come to Dubai?

Study in Dubai

Study in Dubai

I came to Dubai in September 2019. My study batch started in September. Akshay now tell us how did you arrange the visa and college admission? aaa..actually I explored many options..talked to consultancies..finally, I got a consultant from Delhi.

And I get more options from that consultant they have informed me about the Dubai
option..about the universities here and I liked it. Especially it was one year

So Akshay now..tell us in which program you are studying here
and also tell us that what are the ..options for studying here in Dubai and ..which
universities are here in Dubai? I have just completed my PG Diploma in Supply Chain

All options are available Bachelors. Engineering, Management
you can choose any bachelor’s program. But most people prefer to do masters from
here..because it’s easy to explore jobs after that..and can take experience here
along with the study..means can work while studying in the college… there are
many universities available here.

Top ten  colleges and universities in Dubai

Indian universities too…like BITS Pilani, MANIPAL University, AMITY
University..and you can take any trade-in Bachelor Engineering.. Like Civil
Engineering or Mechanical Engineering..and management programs you can do
management courses too..master’s in management also available
What is the required Eligibility to take admissions?

As for Graduation, it’s Higher
Secondary required… Like non-medical for Engineering?…YES. Yes if you are from
non-medical you can take admission in engineering
4 years program. and after that like. if you are not a non-medical student. if you
are an arts or commerce student then you can do BBA, B.concourses like India? Yes,
same.after that.

if you want one year program..after a bachelor’ can do a PG
diploma here.. Like I’m doing PG Dip in Supply Chain Management.
and I have just completed it in June month. and. if anyone wants to do a
master’’s 2 years MBA in HR…sales and marketing.

MBA in
Finance? Like all options available in India, all available here? Yes, All
Available here. There’s one benefit here like
that you don’t have to give MAT or CAT entrance exam can get direct
admission here.

But in India, they will see your MAT/CAT %and as per will
get nothing like that. There are no problems like that
Akshay tells us one main thing that..what is the documentation required to get
admission here..required documents are like.

if you are coming for a master’s after
graduation..then you ..need your bachelor’s mark sheets..consultancy will take care
of the visa.


dubai stydy

Dubai study

All visa procedures they will take care of. there’s not any specific requirement of
documents..just all the previous mark sheets since 10th std. Are there any NOC’s
required also?

Any attestation required for degrees? – that consultancy will
it required to attest a degree from MEA or HRD? NO …. it’s not required.
Just the same attested degree we receive from the college.

that is enough to get
admission to the college. Because for the jobs we need MEA and HRD attestation.
that’s after coming here like when you finish your study want to do the
job then the company will ask MEA attested degree it’s not required for college

that’s only when you get a permanent job here..then it is required here..and you
can get that done through any consultancies here..they will get an attestation from
A. Akshay now can you tell us about..fee structure for some courses here? After
bachelor’s, it is.

Like my course…Dhs 32,000.only course fee.
For one year course Dhs 32,000.only course fee? Yes, only the course fee. and for
two year MBA, it’s Dhs 64,’s just double the amount of one year course.
Akshay you have told us master’s program fees just now.

Can you tell us something
about the bachelor’s program too? and how about hostel expenses? Tell us all that
Like one of my friends was doing BBA from here..Dhs 32,500 to 35,000for one-year
fee..and with hostel..just double it. how much is hostel expenses? It’s the same
amount of fee, it’s the same for a hostel.

Dhs 65,000for one year with the hostel.
Akshay tells us now about the college timing shows the course timings? aaa..there’s
like 3 types of course is like normal timing 9 am to 4-5 pm. weekend
batch also available here..

for weekend classless only..yes for those who are
working here ..yes like 5 days full-time permanent job and weekend study..and the
last one is evening batch..evening class timing is 7-10 pm. you are free in the day
time that you can utilize for a job.

So, Guys, Akshay has given a lot of information to us already, you must watch the
video till the end we are going to get some more information from Akshay.. I’ll ask
him about options of Work/job with Study and mainly I’ll ask him to get a
job after study..and what are the job opportunities here.

So Akshay before you tell options for work & amp; Study..first tell us that how
much is the total cost of your study..including the agent fee and visa charges. and
including your college fees and hostel charges. so all expenses together, how much
you spend to complete your master’s.

See I have applied through a consultancy from New Delhi, for Study in Dubai. It’s
free of cost from the consultancy. Okay, so that consultancy has a tie-up with the
universities here.. Yes. and they don’t charge the students.

they have their own arrangement with colleges and..after that…my fees here..for
hostel and college fees I paid AED 64,000.which is 13 lakhs in Indian’s
near about that.

and if you see only course fee of one is AED 32,
mine was ..with hostel accommodation so it’s AED 64,000 per year. and Akshay tells
us about the hostel life here?is it like hostel life in Indian college? Like 4 Boys
in 1 room?? No, it’s not. Hostel life is good here. You can choose to stay alone in
one room or stay with 1-2 other students.

Staying alone in 1 room is more expensive than staying with 1 more student, 2
students in one room. Yes. and I paid AED 32,000 for one year including food.
Including food’s the food in college mess? Yes, it’s good.
Veg and non-veg??. Yes, All.

Yes, all available I’ll tell you..options of
the job with if you want to work with’s good if you take evening
batch. then the student can do a full-time job. Part-time and full time both depends on which one you choose.

Carrier dept of the university will also help to get the job during study. So
students can search by themself also?.. Yes, they can. if a student finds a job by
themselves..then they should bring it to carrier dept in university.

what kind of job students get? It’s like a retail shop job. and in a company an electronic there are job options available. Like in Canada
students can do the job at the Gas station or departmental store, can do here
also?…. No.

Such job options are not available here..only specific ones available…like
retail. Electronic main jobs a job in Malls as store in Landmark group..we can check job options there..and BPO
jobs also available. they prefer students mostly.

that’s also good. So Akshay tells us now much students can earn in the
job during the study? It’s in the range of AED 1,800 – 2,500like that per month.
Full Time? No, No full time it depends upon the company.

It’s between AED 2,500 – 3,500 in a full-time job. So Akshay tells us now that like
you..have completed your study and you search in the job, what job offers you
got? Any job search tips? Share, please. For job search are using online job portals
mainly applying for jobs directly. Apart from this, each university has a carrier

is there Campus Selection here? ….YesIt didn’t happen this year..because of
COVID-19, which usually happens every year. Carrier dept will help
separately..whatever jobs they get..they will send students for interview.

So there lot of options and you can apply by yourself too. Akshay you have
completed your study are searching job for 3-4 months now..what kind of
job offers that you get so far? While studying, I was having a retail store job.

It ended in March month. after that I explored some options ..also carrier dept
helped me in that. I got one option in E-commerce. I tried there for the job. I got
an offer from a BPO company as well. But I’m looking for more good opportunities the market is down due to COVID-19.

so maybe I can get better job options after some time. So you didn’t finalize any
job yet?….NO I didn’t explore more to get a good one. your visa is a Student
visa? Yes, it is but I still have time. I have 3-4 months more. I want to utilize
this time. Looking for better opportunities.

so what is the salary are getting now based on your study? Normally it
is between AED 2,500–3,500for the study I have completed..but due to covid-19it’s
down like AED 2,000. Like 20% lessees lot of problem due to covid.

Student what is your advice you want to give to viewers.. I have one important
message..for all new students who want to apply for abroad that case. if
they are coming through a consultancy. Consultants don’t charge anything..sometimes
students may get..some consultants who charge fees want to advise the students
that..don’t get interact with such consultants.

It’s always free for the they have tie-up with if any
consultant Wants to charge students ..means he is not genuine. So students can
contact universities directly? Yes, can contact directly and a reputed consultant
also there in India.

as they do free of cost service..they help and guide the students in the admission
process. So which consultant helped you for admission? I came through Chopra
Consultancy in New Delhi. Chopra Consultancy?… Yes. they guide me in everything.
It was nice to experience with them.

Please share the video so that if any student
wants to come and study in Dubai..they can get all the knowledge and information.
About all the facilities and all the options available here.if anyone needs more
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