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Dubai news today is not a piece of good news, But  The News about Dubai Maybe we are waiting for Dubai’s next news of lockdown because Covid-19 is again destroying the world.

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Ask a lot of people have you been to the Middle East and they’ll say yeah Dubai been shopping there been on holiday there it’s brash it’s flashy it’s successful but there’s a lot going on beneath their face in Dubai.

That we don’t necessarily see it’s often described as being oil-rich it isn’t less than 5% of its GDP comes from oil it’s got a bit of gas but it essentially has made it success through diversifying in to property real estate aviation trade banking finance there are still people alive today.

Who can remember the old Dubai pre booming by when it was lowrise where it was really just a port on the Gulf today it’s absolutely brimming with skyscrapers nearly 200 of them people often say it is the city of cranes it’s home to the tallest building in the world.

The Burj Khalifa at Eight Hundredand Thirty Meters and this social transformation happened absolutely in the space of one generation largely personal thanks to the Ambition of the previous ruler Ship Rashid al Maktoum who developed Dubai from being.

Just at transit stop in to a destination, the son Sheikh Mohammed, the current ruler then accelerated that development one of the problems that some times happens in Dubai is that people get lured in to perhaps a full sense of relaxation.

You’ve got beaches bars night clubs alcohol is freely available there and yet the actual rule of law of the place is quite strict and conservative there is no freedom of expression at all.

In the Dubai your voice any thing against the government you put out a tweet that they don’t like and you’re in real trouble there are many many cases of Westerners taking a wrong turn.

However getting the stop and finding themselves in trouble like they’ll drink a glass of wine publicly on the suite or they’ll embrace and kiss member of the opposite sex in 2018 there was a British PhD student who was doing a doctorate on security in the UAE.

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