How to Travel Dubai and search cars on rent in Dubai

Hi guys my name is Mohammed Imran Hashmi and I want to tell you how to search Dubai cars on rent and how to search flats, Vila on rent for bed space also in Dubai.

It is very easy to search for bed space in Dubai, not in Dubai you also whenever you will go on the road, or anywhere you will find the small advertising paper that is fixed on the war and shop was on the road you can find it very easily.

Dubai cars

Dubai cars

If you have a lot of money then you can take the apartment, a small Villa, on rent, if you want then you can take a building on rent, and also if you have lots of money you can find a flat on rent in a 1200 Dirham to 2000 Dirham per month.


If you want to take a flat on the rent in Shariah then you have to pay 1500 Dirhams to  3000 Dirhams per month.

 On the other hand, if you are thinking of Dubai cars on rent and room for living in Dubai then you have to pay 3000 AED to 6000 AED per month.

 It is very costly I think if you are going to search for a job in the UAE.

But if you are going to Dubai as a tourist then I will suggest you take a flat for the rent and take the rental car because the travel cost is very high in Dubai, I will not suggest you go there to all the tourist places by taxi.

 That’s why  I am suggesting you take the car for rent and if you have an international driving license then you can drive on a visit visa,

 But before drive on the visit visa in the UAE, u have to clear this point your driving license is  International activated or not.


If you plan you will drive a car in the UAE buy yourself by then first go to your local RTO office and show them your driving license and ask them for activate for international permit driving, please tell them to activate that International option for a short time maximum time for international driving license time is 1 year I think…

In driving license, there are so many hidden options we don’t know but the RTO officers know these options, and they have the right to activate those options for you permanently or short period.

When you go to the RTO office for your international driving license, I will charge you some amount to fill the particular online form to activate your driving license for international driving around $5 at least $10 not more than.

After feeling that online form for the international driving license RTO officers will test your driving skills for drive a car in the UAE,  if you can drive your car correctly you pass that exam by RTO officer then they will give you a temporary international driving license. 

After pass that exam your RTO officer will give you an extra international driving license paper that’s it. Now you are ready to drive Dubai cars on the rental in the UAE.

 You can find a rental car anywhere in the UAE something amount started with 1000 AED  per month To 10000 AED per month, this cost depends on your car condition model and other things, there are so many options you know just drive your car and go anywhere in the Dubai without any problem just take Dubai cars on rent.

 And go all the tourist places it is the best way to visit UAE if You’re planning to visit Dubai.

I am your friend and I will help you again you can you more detail about Dubai thank you very much to read my articles.

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