Dubai law of Audio Messages and WhatsApp voice Message

Dubai’s law of Human rights

Common Freedoms in the Dubai

Man gets Dh500,000 fine, one-year prison term for conveying intimidation through sound messages Public Prosecution had at first given the man a four-year jail sentence, which was diminished to one year. A man was condemned to a Dh500,000 fine and a year in prison for annoying and compromising another man. 

Dubai's law of Human rights Audio Messages II WhatsApp voice Message in Dubai

Dubai’s law of Human rights Audio Messages II WhatsApp voice Message in Dubai

As indicated by Al Bryan, the Abu Dhabi Court of Causation maintained the decisions of the lower courts after the man was blamed for sending sound messages that contained dangers, hatred, and abuses. 

The public Prosecution had at first given the man a four-year jail sentence alongside the fine, requesting that he be arraigned by the articles identified with separation and disdain wrongdoings. 

Notwithstanding, the Abu Dhabi Court of Appeal diminished the term to one year after he requested the decision. The litigant at that point bid under the steady gaze of the Court of Cassation, the emirate’s most elevated court, expressing that his activities were perpetrated out of frustration and were not crook.

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Nonetheless, the court didn’t acknowledge his allure dependent on the proof gave and requested that the appealing party pay lawful expenses. As per basic freedoms associations, the public authority of the UAE abuses various principal basic liberties.

The UAE doesn’t have justly chosen organizations and residents don’t reserve the option to change their administration or to frame ideological groups. There are reports of constrained vanishings in the UAE, numerous unfamiliar nationals and Emirate residents have been snatched by the UAE government and unlawfully confined and tormented in undisclosed locations. 

In various occurrences, the UAE government has tormented individuals in guardianship (particularly ex-pats and political dissidents) and has denied their residents the privilege to a quick preliminary and admittance to advise during official investigations.

Whipping and stoning are authoritative documents of legal discipline in the UAE because of Sharia courts. The public authority limits the right to speak freely of discourse and opportunity of the press, and the nearby media are controlled to try not to reprimand the public authority, government authorities, or imperial families. The opportunity of affiliation and the opportunity of religion are likewise shortened. 

In spite of being chosen for the UN Council, the UAE has not marked most global common liberties and work rights deals, remembering the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, and the Convention on the Protection of the Rights of All Migrant Workers and Members of Their Families. 

In November 2020, the United Arab Emirates upgraded its general set of laws to relax limitations on liquor utilization, grant dwelling together, and condemn honor killings, among other changes.

The death penalty 

Albeit approved, capital punishment is once in a while applied in the UAE as the law necessitates that a board of three adjudicators concur on the choice of a sentence to death, which can be driven if the group of the casualty excuses the indicted or acknowledge a monetary payment for the wrongdoing. At the point when a family acknowledges monetary remuneration, a court can imprison a convict for at least three years and a limit of seven years.

Since the law in the UAE depends on a double arrangement of Shari’a and common courts execution, passing by stoning might be managed on just if admission and four observers are gotten which is legitimately restricting for a stoning sentence to be done, anyway, UAE has so far never completed any demise by-stoning sentence

Whipping and stoning 

The court framework comprises common courts and Sharia courts. As indicated by Human Rights Watch, UAE’s respectful and criminal courts apply components of Sharia law, classified into its criminal code and family law, in a way that oppresses women.

Beating is a discipline for criminal offenses like infidelity, early sex, and liquor consumption. Due to Sharia courts, flagellating is lawful, with sentences going from 80 to 200 lashes. Verbal maltreatment relating to an individual’s sexual honor is illicit and deserving of 80 lashes.

Between 2007 and 2021, numerous individuals in the UAE were condemned to 100 lashes. More than of late in 2015, two men were condemned to 80 lashes for hitting and offending a woman. In 2014, an ex-pat in Abu Dhabi was condemned to 80 lashes for liquor utilization and assaulting a toddler.

 Alcohol utilization for Muslims is unlawful and deserving of 80 lashes, numerous Muslims have been condemned to 80 lashes for liquor consumption. Sometimes 40 lashes are given.


Unlawful sex is sometimes punished by 60 lashes. 80 lashes is the standard sum for anybody condemned to beating in a few emirates. Sharia courts have punished homegrown specialists with floggings. In October 2013, a Filipino housemaid was condemned to 100 lashes for burglary submitted after her manager found her ill-conceived pregnancy.

 Drunk driving is rigorously illicit and deserving of 80 lashes; numerous ex-pats have been condemned to 80 lashes for smashed driving. In Abu Dhabi, a man has been condemned to 80 lashes for being tanked while with his better half on the Cornice. Under UAE law, early sex is deserving of 100 lashes.

Stoning is a lawful discipline in the UAE. In May 2014, an Asian housemaid was condemned to death by stoning in Abu Dhabi. In 2006, an exile was condemned to death by stoning for submitting adultery. Between 2009 and 2013, a few groups were condemned to death by stoning.

Early termination is unlawful and deserving of the greatest punishment of 100 lashes and as long as five years in prison. As of late, a few groups have withdrawn their liable request in illegal sex cases after being condemned to stoning or 100 lashes. The discipline for submitting infidelity is 100 lashes for unmarried individuals and batter to the point of death for wedded people.

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