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Dubai offers New cheap Biofuel

Dubai offers New cheap Biofuel conventional Abras in Dubai Spring ship around 13 million riders yearly Picture Credit: Provided, Dubai’s conventional Abras can be fueled with biofuel from July, the Streets and Transport Authority (RTA) the RTA declared on Sunday. RTA said it has assigned a station at Sabkha Marine Vehicle Station for providing biofuel (Biodiesel 5) to customary Abras

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Latest Dubai News

Dubai news today is not a piece of good news, But  The News about Dubai Maybe we are waiting for Dubai’s next news of lockdown because Covid-19 is again destroying the world. Read More About Dubai The latest news from Around the World Ask a lot of people have you been to the Middle East and they’ll say yeah Dubai been shopping there been on holiday there it’s brash it’s flashy it’s successful but there’s a lot going on beneath their face in Dubai. That

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